be the best version of you

My name is MARION and I am french living in Barcelona for 8 years. I am passionate about the world of design and innovation to help consumers live better, emotions transmitted by a visual.  I am always full of ideas and I greatly appreciate to analyze my artistic approach and to understand what may be the defects or quality of my work I have always been accustomed to question myself and to make feedbacks.

I think that the imagination has no limit and that is all the power that we can have.

I worked on several projects in different contexts as graphic designer. In most cases, I was responsible for the promotional materials making the layout to editing, photographic retouching, creating flyers, stickers, logos, newsletters for exhibitions and events or making updates of logos, business cards for the identity of a company. I have a degree in ART MARKET and CULTURAL MEDIATION and also in INTERIOR DESIGN, for example I organized the scenography of the exhibition hall and signage of a festival in Paris or work as an assistant in an architect agency and an art gallery.

I am currently working as Redactor WEB, Project assistant digital marketing and as a freelance graphic designer. I am actually creating a project who will offer services to help in the organization of birthday parties and an online shop of personalized items and accessories for the nursery and school.


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