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While Marion born the great artist Salvador Dali disappears then the Berlin wall will be destroyed to mark a new era


At the age of 7, Marion won second prize in a drawing competition at the Ateliers d'art with a still life. Then she flourished singing in a gospel choir while doing theater and playing piano.


Loving nature, board and card games, Egyptian history, she studies Latin, Italian and Ancient Greek.


After an internship in Offset printing company, it is quite naturally that she headed for Applied Arts studies to express all her creativity in complete freedom, a teaching rich in case studies of consumer needs to improve everyday life by developing design projects products or spaces with complementary courses in visual representation and art history


In parallel with many plastic experiments, Marion travels to Italy, Corsica, Spain, Morocco and Greece and is passionate about mediterranean culture.


She continues with a degree BTS in Space design and is interested in Landscaping and Scenography. After an internship in an Architecture agency @ Paris, she joined the famous school recognized in the art professions ENSAAMA for a DMA in Wall decoration combining fresco and mosaic.


She discovers brazilian culture through dance and music and leaves to settle for a year to learn the language and teach french. The success is such that it begins with individuals and ends up teaching classes at the university creating its own teaching materials.


Back to Paris, she began a new degree in art commerce and cultural mediation & events at ICART. In charge of exhibitions for a festival, she works after during few months as an assistant gallery in the Latin Quarter.


Fate took her to Barcelona where she has been living ever since. After learning Portuguese, she learned Spanish, perfected her English and worked in various companies in communication, customer service, marketing, community management, web copywriting, moderation of digital content.


After more of one year as Communication manager, she officially launched herself as a Graphic designer and generator of online content and specialized in packaging. In her spare time she sings while accompanying herself on the piano.


looking forward to new adventures


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